We prefer to work as members of our client’s leadership team, because successful changes come from a shared vision and an internal champion.

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Agilar helps to increase visualization and focus

Agilar coached Appstrakt, a highly competitive, up-and-coming software development company to help them organize the multitude of projects and customers coming through their doors. With a few focused workshops together with the organizational leaders, Agilar consultants helped Appstrakt visualize their work and defined some Agile practices to implement in order to improve their delivery capabilities and their internal collaboration. Appstrakt was able to take the principles and ideas and run with them, embedding continuous improvement as part of their delivery process.

Agilar guides enterprise Scrum initiative

Agilar coaches and professionals introduced Agile methodologies and Lean process improvements at Belgacom. Agilar coaches played a key role in the Enterprise Scrum Team, developing and implementing a change strategy that started with selected pilot projects and moved onto changing entire application domains. We were also involved in the delivery process, embedding many professionals directly in the delivery teams, including senior engineers, technical coaches, Agile testers and ScrumMasters.

Agilar helps introduce new methodologies

For over 2 years, Agilar coaches at bpost were responsible for introducing Agile methodologies and Lean process improvements over a series of key areas and projects. Agilar supplied coaching, agile project management and product ownership consulting for several IT areas and departments. bpost gained public notoriety during that time as having some of the most mature Agile implementations in Belgium (in selected teams). Agilar consultants were behind these achievements from the start.

Agilar helps introduce technical practices

Agilar helped Djengo grow a team of professional developers by teaching them effective technical practices. Agilar provided trainings in code quality and testing for this young promising Belgian startup. We helped introducing test driven development and continuous development in a team working with cutting edge web technologies. Agilar also introduced various visual management techniques to help Djengo organise its work and get better at prioritizing.

Agilar helps King - Barcelona to improve till next level

Agilar has been collaborating with King for almost two years, where our coaches helped the great guys at king with their agile implementation, working with them to improve their development processes, technical practices, organization and personal skills. Leading training sessions, team and organization retrospectives, funny agile games , coding dojos… A wide range of practices to ensure the knowledge is transferred to one of the nicest management teams across Europe.

Agilar helps develop Game Management System

QB9 focuses its efforts on bringing the best games to players all around the world. When Press Association (UK) asked them to revamp their daily games offering, they saw the need for a game content management system. To keep their focus on the games, they partnered up with Agilar to develop such a system. During the project there were several 180° turns and Agilar’s agile practices and attitude proved golden in delivering the goods.


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